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Update on Levi

Levi was able to go home today. He seems to be in better spirits since we got here. Thank you for everyones well wishes. I'll get to all the email as soon as I can.
<3, Maria

My kid

Levi's been in the hospital since saturday,he had a toxic reaction to something that the doctors cant figure out and ended up with sores that look like burns over some of his body, since that time the sores have healed but he's battling infections. Please keep him in your thoughts.


This last weekend was my one year Blythe-versary, it's amazing how fast it went by. I truly love my girls, but the best part for me about Blythe is all of the fabulous people I've met. Love ya all!
This outfit was sewn by my mother, I wish I could sew as well as her.

I suck at updating

It's true, I do suck at updating but even worse lately I have been falling behind in my commenting even :( So here goes all in one fatal swoop.

Blair...How cool was it to see the shuttle launch? Your sewing is comming along nicely, you seem much better at it than I am.

Karen...I hope the shoes got to you okay. I am looking forward to the sweeties arriving, I loved your storm photos from the other day, and am glad that you are sticking with LJ and "US".

Bea aka Bobble...Via Italia!

Jess... I love your Lati, I can't wait to hear what her name will be.

Pupchun... Thank you for posting the link to the Bento box lunch Lj I have been salivating over it ever since.

Cat...I love your latest custom she is really cute.

Kim aka tinyredrobot...I LOVED your photos of your trip, I'm so proud of you for being able to fly.

Mariana...I loved your GG you had up for sale, she the only GG I've ever looked at and really liked.

Liz...I loved the photos of your milk in the kitchen in her undies.. it was so real life, and thanks for the mini tutorial on the kniting.

Hevs...I owe you an email, also, I am glad that you and Maxi found a flat together, thats too cute. I'll email you tommorow, if I don't you can slap me around a bit.

All the rest, If I haven't commented it doesn't mean I'm not reading!!! <3 you all

Tagged by everyone and their Momma

1. I am deathly afraid of birds,mostly flying birds, and it doesn't matter the size. Birds seem to sense that I am afraid of them and dive bomb me all the time. and Yes, I know it's an irrational fear.

2. I am addicted to reality TV. I watch so many different reality shows, I'd be embarrased to list them all. Thank god for TIVO.

3. I some times crave hot dogs for breakfast.

4. I have played the flute since I was in the thrid grade. Yes, I am officially a band geek. Including having been in a marching band wearing polyester pants and a fuzzy hat.

5. I have bungee jumped 3 times.

6. I am the Ann Landers of my family and sometimes will not pick up the phone because I am tired of giving advice.



My surgery went well, and recovery is going smoothly as well. They didn't find anything except the cyst which had taken over most of my fallopian tube. They were able to save both the tube and the ovary which is great news. So, I'm up and moving! Thank you so much for everyones well wishes. <3, Maria


I'm having surgery tommorow.I'm not nervous at all and kind of just excited to get it over with. They are going in and removing the cyst along with possible removal of my left ovary. They are also going to be looking for other reasons as to why I am in so much pain. My mother is comming to town tonight to take care of me and there should only be a one week recovery time associated with the surgery. I will update asap after the surgery to let all of you know how it goes.
Love you all,


May. 23rd, 2006

I was looking something up and used google. It came back with this list of Blythe sites. It's really useful so I thought I'd share.
I have made so many friend through Blythe, I never knew that such a wide eyed little girl could lead me to such wonderful people. Although most of us are worlds apart, we have so much in common I just find it amazing everyday. To each of you who love me, I love you right back!
To Blair:
Thank you so much for the get well card. You have been a fantastic friend from the very moment we started talking. I could never have expected such a thoughtful thing I adore the little chihuahua card, and I posted the doll photo up at my cube at work. You made my day!